Working With Recruiters Workshop

Working With Recruiters

Working with a recruiter can make your job search easier than ever!

Recruiters can be your most valuable job search support — if you know how to work with them. There are many types of recruiters, they are all busy, and each one requires a different approach to get their support. However, once you have a recruiter working with you, finding a job can be far easier.

During this workshop, you will learn about:

  • The four different types of recruiters
  • How to get through to recruiters
  • Effective strategies for working with recruiters
  • How to use recruiters for long-term career management

Following this workshop, you will understand the different types of recruiters, the role of recruiters in your job search, and have a clear strategy for working with recruiters.


Oya’s Directory of Recruiters

Recruiter Strategies

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