Database Design and Development

Database development lifecycleIf your company currently utilizes or plans to utilize a database solution running on Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access or other enterprise platform, it’s important to ensure that your solution is properly designed in order to not only meet existing business requirements, but also to handle capacity increases and unexpected future changes in requirements. Full Circle can work with you on every stage of your database life cycle including:

  • Planning and design
  • Data and content migration
  • Database configuration
  • Implementation
  • User training
  • Database administration
  • Database support


Full Circle’s technical resources can assist you in the database design and implementation process using proven processes for requirements gathering, data normalization, and interface and reporting design. Working in partnership with your own internal resources, Full Circle can help you create or re-configure your database in a way that will provide the highest solution flexibility and user satisfaction, which in turn will yield the highest potential return on investment while minimizing cost of ownership.


Full Circle resources are experienced industry professionals in the field of database design and administration. Our resources can design and implement your database solutions using proven techniques and best practices that ensure that your business requirements are met with the highest level of end user satisfaction. Full Circle can also provide resources to develop and conduct user training related to your new solution and create professional solution documentation to help in the support of your database during the length of its life cycle.

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