old compass on vintage map 1752Throughout our 20+ year history, Full Circle has taken great pride in our innovative approaches to career training, technology projects, and talent management for a broad range of clients.   We have a long and existing track record of successfully implementing training and technology initiatives that deliver real-world, in demand skill sets through short-term, highly targeted methods.

Full Circle is a leading provider of talent management, computer and career training, and technology projects through local workforce development initiatives, open enrollment courses and corporate training initiatives.

1,500+ Corporate clients have been served over our history including some of the largest names in the country.  Our clients range from some of America’s best known companies to organizations with as few as five employees.  We take pride in serving the very small or very large corporate firm with the same hard work and dedication.

So what makes Full Circle so different?

  • With over 20+ years in the training and technology industry, we understand what it takes for your employees to get the most out of their experience.
  • We tailor our talent management program to meet your needs: each of our talent management offerings can be customized to meet the unique needs of your firm at no additional cost.
  • We have cost-effective services.

We seek out only the finest leaders in their business when we look to form an alliance and expand our model into other industries.  We partner with the best in their field.

We recently formed an alliance with “The Safety Group”, an industry leader in the Construction Safety field.  They focus on providing highly trained manpower and consulting services. They marry in state-of-the-art training techniques (virtual reality, augmented reality) as a means to improve the end client’s return on investment.

We also formed an alliance with Incord Construction Netting.  Incord provides netting systems focused on construction safety.  That focus makes for safer work activities, thereby potentially lowering insurance costs.  Incord is a market leader in the safety netting business.  They are ISO 9001 certified which demonstrates their commitment to quality and safety.  This is a natural fit with the Full Circle Group.

We have a small business designation, but we proudly make an important contribution to the betterment of individuals and organizations.