Transferable Skills Workshop

Transferable Skills Workshop

Do you know both your hard and soft skills that will land you a job? In today’s employment marketplace, employers are interested in both your hard skills, specific knowledge and abilities, and soft skills, personal attributes and personality traits.

When you change jobs or careers, talking about how your hard and soft skills will contribute to the success of the company is a powerful way to convince a hiring manager you are the best choice for the job!

Join this workshop and learn:

  • The difference between hard and soft skills
  • Which skills are most highly sought after and transferable
  • How to bring hard and soft skills into your job search
  • Which is more important, hard or soft skills

After this workshop, you will be aware of how your unique combination of skills makes you a desirable employee, and the best strategies of using your skills to win interviews and land jobs.


Career Changing Questions

Employability Skills List

Middle Skills Gap

Soft Skills That Help Employers and Employees

Transferable Skills List

Transferable Skills List – Bingham University

The Skills Gap (video)

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