woman in officeThis unique solution allows a Full Circle trainer to deliver live, interactive training to any location in the world via a web connection. We use a web tool called GoToMeeting which allows us to meet with anyone, anywhere, in real time. By using this screen sharing software, an internet connection and high quality audio equipment we broadcast our training to our attendees. All you need to join is an Internet connection and an audio link via VoIP (Voice over IP) or phone. On the day of the course just open our web link which will be sent to you by email and call a teleconference number to join our interactive training session.

Instructor-led online learning

  • All the cost savings of online and all the benefits of a live instructor
  • Turn any standard course offering into an online course
  • Customize content to create sessions of any length, starting at 30 minutes
  • Create highly targeted online training sessions to meet specific needs
  • Blended learning options allow you to select from a full menu of choices
  • Web-cam interactivity allows attendees to see their instructor live
  • Our unique “open microphone” option allows you to choose how and when the audience can ask questions and interact with the instructor