Coding & Database – Access, Visual Basic & SQL

business woman drawing entity relation diagram (ERD)Learn coding skills hands-on:  Our Microsoft Access courses focus on critical database skills – from the basics to managing data, reports & queries, to advanced design techniques, linking to data & macros, and Visual Basic!

Need end user training in SQL? Full Circle can help! SQL is a standard interactive programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. The good news is that you don’t need to be a programmer to learn SQL!  Let Full Circle’s SQL instructors take the mystery out of learning and applying SQL statements through hands-on,  real-world examples.   This multi-day course teaches you everything from basic SQL syntax through the creation of SQL Views to SQL Procedures that  update and manipulate tables and data.

Attend Full Circle’s Introduction to SQL Databases and Queries course to build valuable skills in SQL. Power up your data management skills, learn how to build datasets for reporting and analysis, and ramp up your abilities to make other data driven applications like Access and Crystal Reports really sing!  Learn about SQL databases, query data, data views and more in our three-day class.

Access, Visual Basic & SQL Course Outlines     SQL/VBA/Access Schedule Button

Access Introduction

Access Intermediate

Access Advanced Design Techniques, Linking to Data & Macros

Access Expert – Intro to Visual Basic (2 days)

Intro to SQL – Databases and Queries (3 days)