Employment Marketplace Resources

Team of employees studying blueprints at meeting

Job search is not just about finding your next job, it’s about managing your career. Managing your career includes understanding how the “employment marketplace” operates and how to position yourself in the marketplace for your greatest success. The employment marketplace operates like any other marketplace with the forces of supply and demand dictating the need for certain skills and how much companies will pay for those skills. The more you know about the marketplace the better you can position yourself for your next job — and the job after that.

The resources in this section are related to the current and future state of the Employment Marketplace, the current and future demand for jobs and job skills, and how current job seekers can maximize their job search process. Use these resources to understand the need for jobs you are currently seeking or are considering for the future.


Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information & Analysis Website

PA Quarterly Workstats

The Future of Knowledge – Work

Tomorrow’s Workplace

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