Contemporary Correspondence for Job Seekers Workshop

Contemporary Correspondence for Job Seekers Workshop

Do you find writing a cover letter for every resume you send out difficult and time consuming? Do you wonder what to write or even if writing a cover letter is worthwhile?

Well, cover letters are valuable and can be the difference between getting an interview or not. And, cover letters don’t have to be difficult to write or time consuming!

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • A cover letter format that is quick to write and highly effective
  • The critical information to include in every cover letter
  • Why a “T Format” Cover Letter gets interviews
  • How to highly customize your cover letters to specific jobs
  • How to create good Follow-Through Letters

You will learn specific strategies and layout options for composing an effective “T format” cover letter. Once  you have learned the “T Letter” format, you will feel confident about putting a cover letter on every resume you send out.


Positioning Statement

Cover Letter Table (blank)

T-Letter Sample Letters (Word document)

T-Letters Overview Instructions

Three T-Letter Sample Letters

64 Email Subject Lines Which Get Results

Avoid These Email Mistakes

Follow-through Letter Sentence Stems

Interview Follow-through Letter Samples

Email Paragraph to Accompany a Resume Sample

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