Full Circle Client Sample Files


Installing the Sample Files

Our sample files are available for you to download from the Internet onto your own computer. Each course has a set of sample files which have been compressed into a single, executable file with the extension “.exe”. You will need to download the file from the Internet and extract the sample files into their folder before they can be opened by the appropriate application.

Once you have downloaded the file from the list of courses below, simply find the file and double click it to extract the sample files. You will be able to select a specific folder to store the files in, or you can accept the suggested folder. If the folder does not exist, it will be created for you automatically. Once extracted, the files can be opened normally from within the application, by clicking File, Open then navigating to the folder you extracted them into.

  • Click on the hyperlink for the course files you’d like to download:
  • Click the Open button to begin the download of the file to a temporary folder. The download may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Now an Extract dialog box will appear. Notice the location the file will be extracted to. You might want to write this down so you will know where to find it later.
  • Click the Extract button. If asked, click Yes to create a new directory. The extract may take a few minutes to complete. Click OK when completed.
  • You will now be back to the sample files table. Close the Internet Explorer window.
  • Launch the application you are planning to practice. You will now be able to open the sample files normally from the location you extracted to in step 4 above.