Accomplishment Stories Workshop

Accomplishment Stories Workshop

Don’t we all like a good story? Stories capture our attention, pull on our emotions, make the story teller memorable and during job search help land jobs!

Your Accomplishment Stories tell interviewers about the challenges you have faced, the actions you took, the results you achieved, and the skills you used. Your Accomplishment Stories prove you have done what you say you can do and they make you memorable compared to other job candidates.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • What is an accomplishment?
  • How to tell an Accomplishment Story
  • Memory Joggers that will remind you of your accomplishments
  • How accomplishments fit in your resume

We all have accomplishments to talk about – come to this workshop and start to write your Accomplishment Stories.


Accomplishment Stories Format

SBAR Accomplishment Story Example

Sample Accomplishment Story – Construction Company

Sample Accomplishment Story – PR Services

Memory Jogger List

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