Retake Schedule

Young woman working on laptopFull Circle is pleased to offer you the benefit of retaking any class, on a one-time, space-available basis at no additional expense to you. See retake policy below for guidelines.

Courses that are available for retakes are posted here on a bi-weekly basis. Retake seats are on a space available basis. Click on the Request a Retake Seat link below the schedule, fill out the form and click the submit button – your request will be reviewed and confirmed by return email.

Please note we now have two training locations — at our Exton training facility and in Philadelphia at Peirce College. You may retake at either location, just be aware of the version differences, if any, between the course offered and your training manual.

Retake Policy Guidelines

Our free retake policy is a voluntary benefit offered on a space-available basis, with priority seating given to students who are attending the class for the first time. Please note following policies:

  • A one-time FREE retake request is available for standard courses for 90 days from original training date for corporate/open enrollment students, through your contract end date for Career Retraining Program students, and for 3 months from contract end date for students whose programs are funded under the Trade Act.
  • The number of retake students per class may be limited, and not all empty seats may be available for retake students. Some courses are often fully booked or may run infrequently; therefore we cannot guarantee your ability to retake a specific course.
  • Course materials will not be reissued. Please bring your original course manual. In the event of version upgrades, a 50% upgrade fee will be applied.
  • If you are not able to attend the retake, we must be notified at least three days prior to the course date. Retake benefits will be terminated in the event of a no-show or cancellations/reschedules made less than three days prior to the retake course date.
  • In the event that a course becomes overbooked, retake registrations may be cancelled. Full Circle reserves the right to cancel or reschedule retake attendees.
  • While instructors will make an effort to assist every student, the instructor will give priority to the needs and questions of first-time attendees. Please be considerate of students who are experiencing the material for the first time, by limiting your questions to material relevant to the current course, and allowing the instructor to provide ample attention to first-time students.

Full Circle reserves the right to adjust policies from time to time without notice.

Courses run from 9 AM – 4 PM
Day Description
Mon 07/01/19 – Peirce – PowerPoint Advanced
Tue 07/02/19 – Peirce – Outlook Advanced
Tue 07/02/19 – Exton – Word Introduction
Wed 07/03/19 – Exton – PowerPoint Introduction
Thu 07/04/19 – Closed for July 4th
Fri 07/05/19 – Exton – XHTML Introduction
Mon 07/08/19 – Exton – PowerPoint Intermediate
Tue 07/09/19 – Peirce – Word Intermediate
Tue 07/09/19 – Exton – Word Intermediate
Wed 07/10/19 – Peirce – Word Styles, Layout, Graphics
Fri 07/12/19 – Exton – Excel Introduction
Mon 07/15/19 – Exton – PowerPoint Multimedia, Animation, Masters & Distribution
Tue 07/16/19 – Exton – Excel Intermediate
Tue 07/16/19 – Peirce – Word Mail Merge, Macros & Forms
Wed 07/17/19 – Peirce – Word Mastering Long Documents
Thu 07/18/19 – Exton – Excel Pivot Tables, Importing, Managing & Filtering Data
Thu 07/18/19 – Exton – Tableau Desktop 2018 – Day 1
Fri 07/19/19 – Exton – Tableau Desktop 2018 – Day 2
Tue 07/30/19 – Exton – Outlook Introduction to Email, Contacts & Calendar
Note to Students: Please check version on course retakes to ensure you are registering for the proper class, and remember to bring along your course manual when retaking a class.
Thank you!


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