Specialty Projects

  • Elevator Modernization – Ted Weiss Building; 290 Broadway, New York, NY
    • 10 elevator modernization
    • Scope
      • New machines, controllers, drives, governors, ropes, wiring, door equipment, top of car equipment.
  • Full Circle Role – safety, quality, and schedule
    • Submittal review/submission/approvals
    • Quality control
    • Safety audits
    • Safety training
    • Conformance to spec
    • Final acceptance review/punchlist review
  1. Elevator Maintenance – Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD
    • Elevator maintenance – 15 elevators, emergency calls and repairs
    • Full Circle Role – Prime Contractor
    • Full Circle performs the project management and administrative functions including:
      • Billing
      • Monthly reporting
      • Annual reporting
      • Quality control – callback analyses (for this work, we analyze trends in callbacks each month, looking for any patterns and opportunities to make improvements to eliminate repeat problems)
      • Short and long term planning
      • Equipment upgrade / replacement recommendations
      • The goal is to keep equipment running and eliminate unexpected and prolonged outages.
    • Safety plan
      • Initial creation
      • Jobsite assessments
      • Setting safety as the number 1 priority
  1. Quarterly Safety Training – Champion Elevator
    • We are extremely focused on safety in particular. 
    • Over the past year, we have been performing custom quarterly safety training for Champion Elevator in New York City. 
    • Champion hired us to design and perform training on key elevator safety topics.  This consists of 4 hours of safety training each quarter for over 125 field employees.

Examples of Leadership: