Hyperlinking Objects in Crystal Reports


Use hyperlinks to your advantage in Crystal.
Did you know that many Crystal Reports objects can be used as hyperlinks?  A hyperlinked object allows a report user to click the object (in preview view) and be automatically directed to another file, a web page, or an email message with a pre-defined recipient already filled into the “to” field.  And even better yet, if you export reports to HTML or PDF formats, the hyperlinks go along for the ride — creating dynamic, interactive reports that really assist the user.

Take advantage of this feature by right clicking a text box, image, or virtually any field on your report, select the format option, then look for a hyperlink tab in the formatting dialog box.  You can even vary the hyperlink context sensitive to your data by clicking the X-2 button just to the right of the hyperlink name text box, and creating an if statement or select case formula that dynamically sets the hyperlink.